Direct Primary Care was invented to reverse 50 years of deterioration of Primary Care in the United States.  It enables reasonably priced, high functioning primary health care paid by and responsive to individuals who desire the best, most accessible care possible.  This is not an insurance driven diagnosis and treatment mill.  We engage with your desire to be healthy and informed.  We question the medical status quo and help you make the best possible decisions about how to pursue health, fitness, well-being and fulfillment in your lives.

This has been the focus of Dr Bliss's life and career.  He is joined by Becky Payne MA who shares this vision and commitment to you.  This care is meant to be extraordinary, personal and life changing.  I hope that it will be just that for you. 

Garrison was featured in an article in Time magazine for his revolutionary approach to health care.  He has been named as a Top Doctor by multiple physician rating organizations because of his medical knowledge, integrity, accessibility and patient focus.

Dr. Bliss's Curriculum Vitae can be found at this link: CV