BlissMD is currently accepting applications to our waiting list. Our rates range from $105/month to $250/month depending on age.  You can pay annually, semiannually, quarterly or monthly.  To get a quote or enroll you and your family on our waiting list, call us at 206-489-3505 during office hours. We are currently seeking a new physician and plan to bring on patients from our wait list once that physician arrives.

1) Why should I choose BlissMD?

The American medical care system is notoriously expensive, unresponsive, impersonal and invasive.  It is also nearly as opaque as the insurance policies that pay for it.  Patients in the medical system have little or no power and even less insight into optimal navigation within the system.  Doctors are increasingly owned by hospitals and large multispecialty clinics which use primary care as a way to create cash flow for their employers.  At BlissMD, we don't work for anyone but you.  We have no vested interest in sending you to our buddies down the hall to get expensive invasive care when a phone call or an office visit with us would suffice.  We make no money "selling" you services, tests or procedures that you don't need.  We know the medical system and we assist you in navigating it so that when you leave this office, you will be better prepared to use the rest of the medical care system wisely.  Once you have received those services, you can return here for inexpensive and highly accessible followup and counseling in an ongoing fashion from people who know you and care about your health.   If you do need urgent care, we can help you cut through the red tape and delays.  We can also help you cut through the misinformation about best practices in preventive care, diet, exercise, medications, procedures, health screening, etc.  When you hear advertising on television or read about a "hot" new treatment, you will have a neutral sounding board for your questions.

Most of all, at BlissMD, you will have extraordinary access to Dr Garrison Bliss, the inventor of Direct Primary Care and someone with over 35 years of experience in health care and health care policy - someone with legendary diagnostic skills, bedside manner and commitment to his patients.  

Dr. Bliss's Curriculum Vitae can be found at this link: CV

2) BlissMD staff:  

Becky Payne MA has been my medical assistant for much of the time since 2007 and someone who understands our practice and our commitment to you.  She will provide you with expert care and access to our care.  She is my office manager as well and being accountable for your experience with our office at all levels.  Please let her know if there are ways that we can serve you better.

3) Services?

  • BlissMD will provide primary care services to all member patients. I will act as your full-time medical advisor and the most available physician you are likely to ever meet.

  • BlissMD will provide routine medical care, urgent care, chronic disease management and care coordination with specialists, hospitals, ERs, etc. We will provide high quality well-vetted referrals to the best medical services we can find and help you navigate this crazy medical world intelligently.

  • We will provide a limited list of injectable medications either at no charge or at our cost.

  • We will provide a substantial array of splints, walker boots, crutches and other items at no charge.

  • We will handle minor surgical issues (like draining superficial abscesses, removing splinters and repairing uncomplicated lacerations) in our office - and refer out surgical problems beyond our scope of practice.

  • We will provide a limited list of joint and tendon injections (Elbow bursa, elbow epicondyles, hip bursa, knee joint and shoulder joint primarily) at no cost.

  • We will provide free flu vaccine annually for all of you who are interested and free Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis vaccine every 10 years to members. Since we are not set up to bill your insurance for other vaccines, we will send prescriptions to your local pharmacy to receive these injections.

  • Blood draws and IVs will be free. We are affiliated with Quest Labs for laboratory work. We can draw your blood in our office (at no charge). Quest will process the labs and bill your insurance.

4) Pricing

  • Pricing for new patients joining after 8/28/2019 will be:

Age 14-19    $105 per month
Age 20-29  $125 per month
Age 30-39  $150 per month
Age 40-49  $190 per month
Age 50-59  $210 per month
Age 60-64  $220 per month
Age 65-79   $230 per month
Age 80 and up $250 per month

All patients may choose monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual payment options - whichever best serves your needs.  All payments will be automated - either via automatic bank account transfers or via credit card.

If you would like to talk with someone about our services please call us at 206-489-3505 or email us at: