I have recently begun the process of finding a new partner.  I am seeking an Internist with excellent training and enough experience to know that primary care internal medicine is his or her mission in life.  I also need a partner who shares my desire to make health care work and to rebuild primary care as a vibrant, creative, self-evaluating, self-sustaining and service driven specialty.  I want someone who wishes to take the torch and run with it.  If you are that person, email me at: Garrison@BlissMD.com or call my office at 206-489-3505.

For those of my colleagues with an interest in the future of medical care, issues of quality care, the role of primary care in health care systems and the impact of politics and economic policy on the health of Americans - I am delighted that you have found your way to this website.  These are topics dear to my heart and issues that I have spent my career confronting.  I am always happy to engage with others who care about these issues.  If you are a physician considering direct primary care as your business model, I would love to talk with you and discuss your experiences, hopes, fears and frustrations.  If you practice Primary Care Internal Medicine or Family Medicine in Seattle and are considering moving your practice to a direct primary care model, I would be happy to help support and encourage you.  To send me an email press: Garrison@BlissMD.com

If you want to learn more about Direct Primary Care, here are some websites that you will enjoy:


Phil Eskew DO JD MBA: http://www.dpcfrontier.com/

Our academic DPC authority.  This site has a wealth of current information of everything DPC including a state-by-state summary of DPC relevant state laws and existing DPC practices.


Direct Primary Care Coalition (DPCC): http://www.dpcare.org/

An organization I started many years ago to address the political barriers to DPC.  It is alive and well.  At last count there were 17 states that have passed DPC laws and there is legislation currently moving through the US congress.  This is the place to look for what you can do to move DPC through the eternal maze of American politics and open up opportunities for doctors and patients to work together to save health care.  If you want to help this movement financially to break down barriers, this is a place that you can donate your time and/or financial support to this worthy cause. 


American Association of Family Physicians: http://www.aafp.org/practice-management/payment/dpc.html

The national advocacy organization for Family Medicine is putting on how-to seminars in DPC, including a startup toolkit.


ACPP (American College of Private Physicians: http://www.acpp.md/

An organization that provides certification and education in the realm of Direct Primary Care and Concierge Care.  I am on its board of directors.

Garrison Bliss MD